Wide Band Gap Materials

The NPDG group is very active in the materials research of wide band gap oxides and nitrides. Efforts to explore new compounds for UV/Visible applications are carried out on the group's dual-chamber MBE system.

ZnO-based Compounds

Nitride-based Optoelectronic Devices - Papers of Interest

Self-Assembled Quantum Dot Nanostructures

The main focus of this research effort is to pioneer novel nano-photonic optoelectronic devices that exploit the unique properties of self-assembled nanostructures. Examples of these devices are optical memory structures, quantum bits, quantum teleportation in coupled quantum dot systems, multi-color quantum dot platforms, and quantum dot lasers. Research spans from the epitaxial growth all the way to final functional devices, with efforts to fully exploit the unique properties of self-assembled quantum dots.

Self-Assembled Quantum Dot - Papers of Interest

Solid State Radiation Detectors

The NPDG group has an active research effort in the field of GaAs PIN neutron detectors. Collaborations are under way to determine the potential for stand-off detection of nuclear materials using either mm or micro-wave technologies. This involves both modeling and fabrication of neutron detection systems. These systems are also under investigation for application in neutron imaging, with a large effort on investigating alternative neutron moderators for alpha particle generation.

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